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Jaraday CD Review



When it comes to music from Michigan, the first thing most people think of is Motown...Then maybe Kid Rock, Eminem, and/or Jack White. Jaraday is Dearborn Michigan's Hip Hop and R&B representative. More appropriately, Jaraday is a musical diplomat that blends ethnic melodies that are more commonly found in the vast genre of world music into high energy pop songs. The diversity of musical styles undertaken by Jaraday shift from high energy dance floor songs such as 'Miracle' to the neo soul groove and mature composition of 'Idara'. 


Overall, Jaraday channels a positive energy that beckons the listener to sing along. Listeners who have grown tired of the constant usage of Auto-tune and fruity loops beats in most contemporary hip hop will appreciate this earnest approach to composition in a genre that could use a musical reboot. Older fans of Shaggy, Busta Rhymes and outKast would also enjoy this artist.



Up and Coming

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The Atlanta based musician Jaraday besides making great music, is also. altruistic. Half of his proceeds go to Motherland Foundation, a most noble cause, supporting those people who are less fortunate in Nigeria. 

Jaraday is a versatile contemporary Pop Beat mixed Hip Hop and R&B artist.        

Listening to songs: Make Money and Miracle, you want to put your dancing shoes on. Then Jaraday  covers and samples the beautiful ballad-Ribbon In The Sky-by the legendary Stevie Wonder.  His fourth track Idara falls somewhere in between in the genre category.

He has written, arranged, produced, and collaborated with the best in the music industry. 

He has toured/played at several venues around the globe. His down to earth personality and creative intelligence makes him a genuine talent and a gentleman.

Jaraday grew up in a music family. He sang in the church choir and played musical instruments. He credits his parents for exposing him to all genre of music.

Jaraday has deep roots in the west coast of the African continent Nigeria, he grew up appreciating different cultures and the music associated with these cultures. His musical career has taken him to various countries and venues around the world. 

His deep-bending, sharp-soulful, melodic sway sound is unique. As an artist, he has performed and shared the stage with popular artists both in the united states and around the world. There’s always a smile to share.

His zeal to give back to the community is evident by his non-for-profit foundation.



Jaraday Take Over Tour



Planning stage of the Takeover Tour is almost complete. The tour will take Jaraday to 2 continents Africa and the America. 

Jaraday Take Over Tour will include the following cities, Atlanta, Baltimore, 
Chicago, Manhattan,Miami,Lagos,Uyo,Las Vegas, Durham, Raleigh, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, just to mention a few. 


This is going to be epix. Stay plugged-in and subscribe to Jaraday's YouTube channel and Newsletter feeds for the latest in this awesome adventure.


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